From XEO19R to H19R Core and Signature: The Evolution of LED Lenser’s High-Performance Headlamps

The LED Lenser XEO19R is a powerful and versatile headlamp designed for outdoor enthusiasts who demand high-performance lighting. With its dual-focus lens, adjustable beam, and multiple light modes, the XEO19R quickly became a favorite among campers, hikers, hunters, and anglers.

But as technology evolves, so do the demands of consumers. In response, LED Lenser has upgraded the XEO19R to the 4000-lumen H19R Core and Signature models, offering even more power and versatility than the original.

Let’s take a closer look at these upgraded headlamps and what they have to offer.

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LED Lenser H19R Core

The H19R Core offers an impressive 4000 lumens of brightness, making it one of the most powerful headlamps on the market. It also features a redesigned ergonomic headband and improved heat management system, making it more comfortable to wear and longer-lasting than its predecessor.

The H19R Core also features a unique “Boost” mode that provides a burst of maximum brightness when you need it most. This mode can be activated with the push of a button and gives you an extra boost of light for up to 30 seconds.

Other features of the H19R Core include:

  • Four light modes, including an adjustable focus and a red light mode for preserving night vision
  • Bluetooth connectivity and a companion app that allows you to customise your light settings, track battery life, and more
  • A rechargeable battery that provides up to 20 hours of runtime on a single charge

Overall, the H19R Core is a powerful, feature-packed headlamp that offers the ultimate in brightness and versatility.

LED Lenser H19R Signature

The Signature is a limited edition version of the H19R Core, featuring a sleek black and gold design and a unique laser-etched serial number. It offers the same powerful 4000 lumens of brightness and advanced features as the H19R Core, with the added bonus of being a limited edition collector’s item.

Like the H19R Core, the Signature features Bluetooth connectivity and a companion app, as well as four light modes and an adjustable focus. It also comes with a premium hard case for storage and transportation.

The LED Lenser Signature is a must-have for serious outdoor enthusiasts who demand the best in lighting performance and design.


The LED Lenser XEO19R was already a top-of-the-line headlamp, but the H19R Core and Signature models take it to the next level. With their impressive brightness, advanced features, and sleek designs, these headlamps are sure to satisfy the most demanding users.

Whether you’re camping in the backcountry, hiking through rugged terrain, or hunting at night, the LED Lenser H19R Core and Signature are the ultimate lighting solutions.

Has now been super seeded for the new core and signature range. The Led Lenser XEO19R 2000 lumen rechargeable headlamps is perhaps one of the most powerful headlamps we have come across to date. What makes the XEO so special is the fact that not only does it produce 2000 lumens of light for extended periods of time from its 2 adjustable reflectors but it does it in a very usable fashion.


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Adjustments both reflectors and led’s can work independently of each other. What this means is you can have one led at a certain output the other at a different output. One reflector looking down the other looking up. One reflector zoomed out to give you a long distance, the other pulled in to spread the beam. If you think about this for a moment you will realise the true extent of how versatile the XEO19R really is in terms of getting the perfect beam every time to suit any application.

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Runtime The XEO19R is equiped with a large high capacity lithium ion rechargeable so when used gives lots of runtime. The unit can be turned up or down depending on purpose so when on a lower mode the run time can be extended considerably. The unit charges easily via usb and comes supplied with all the cables and a charger.

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Powerbank Function The Led Lenser XEO19R also comes with another handy feature built into the battery pack. The battery has a usb output so if you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere and your phone goes dead you can use the headlamp battery to recharge your phone. This function has saved me a few times while out hunting.

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In The Box The presentation of the XEO19R is fantastic from the moment you open up the box the unit is packed snug and safely in a zip up protection case. The case allows for the storage of the headlamp and all the charging accessories and also all the mounts. The unit makes a great gift as the presentation is fantastic.

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Mounts and Headband In the kit you get a heavy duty headband for your head that is extremely robust and durable. You also get a helmet mount and other accessories in this kit version.

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Warranty and Servicing  All Led Lenser products sold in Australia through an authorised reseller such as come with Led Lensers 7 year warranty and all products are repaired and replaced within Australia quickly and easily.