Ealgletac M3V Eagletac’s Newist 21700 Searchlight 30000 lumens 877m

Eagletac M3V 3000 Lumen Search Light

Finally, finally we have a new compact search light from Eagletac, I have been waiting for a larger reflector 21700 torch with updated lumen output from Eagletac for some time and now its hear. This torch is Eagtac’s newest 21700 powered search light offering 3000 lumens of output and 877m throw distance, making the torch fit between the Fenix HT18 and Acebeam L19. With Eagletac’s typical styling of simple but super functional with an excellent reflector and beam profile. 

After using this light for a couple weeks just for some general spotlighting walking trails (have not yet used it for hunting) It make for a great light to get some good distance as it it rated for over 800m I did not need to see that far but for everything I have been going 200+ meters has been no drama for this light at all. You are able to get a couple filters for the M3V a Red and Green filter, they work great and do not have to be taken on and off all the time if you are wanting to switch from red to white. Each individual filter is able to flip up to get out of they way so the normal white light can shine through unimpeded. This makes it great for if you are just walking around with the white light on and then want to spot something with a colour beam you can just simply fold it down over the front and away you go. I found this very useful when looking for wild life. I found that the green filter was super effective and did a great job the red I feel could have been a little better with letting the light through but still does a good job for unclose wildlife spotting. 

I have alway loved the user interface on Eagtac’s torches the clicky switch feels really nice there is just something about a mechanical switch that feels great. The mode selector is typical to Eagtac torches with setting by Turing the head anti-clockwise to get to the lower modes and clockwise to ramp it up. It is a great way to make things simple and to be confident that your light will remember where you were last. Although this is not a lot of peoples desired way to change the output and I did use this light pretty much on high to med most of the time. 

Quick 2amp charging is pretty much the norm these days same with the USB-C charging port, this is an easy way for them to integrate a power bank function. Although cool I feel that as it only comes supplied with a 5000mAh battery it would only really be useful in emergencies otherwise you would use all your battery to recharge your phone and not be able to use the light. 

SpecificationsSizingWhats Included
Output: 3000 Lumens 
Max Distance: 877m
LED: Luminus SFT70 KB LED
Reflector: Smooth
Battery: 21700 Lithium
Rechargeable: Yes via USB-C
Power Bank function: Yes
Output Modes: 3
Max Run Time: 400+ hours 
IPX8 waterproof rating
Head Diameter : 62mm (2.5 inches)
Body Diameter : 25.4mm (1 inch)
Length : 191mm (7.5 in
M3V fllashlight
5000mah, 21700 battery
Type C USB Charging cable
Spare O-rings
Heavy Duty nylon holster 
User Manual 
Lanyard (mil-spec paracord
with quick attachment clip)
and attachment ring
Titanium coated stainless steel
pocket clip

Outputs and Run times

High: 3000 lumens down to 1450 lumens over 0.8h to 1.8hours 

Medium: 1000 lumens down to 600 lumens down to 320 lumens over 3hours to 5.8hours to 15h

Low: 190 lumens down to 80 lumens down to 30 lumens over 20hours to 55hours to 400+ hours

RRP: $198.95inc GST

Pros Cons
Excellent reflector 
Well matched LED to the size of reflector
Makes for a great searchlight for hunting because of the added peripheral beam
Easy to use clicky switch and mode setting
Fast charging
Accessories available like filters and remote switch
Power bank. Feature included
Intelligent flicker free design
Holster could be better
Some might want more output levels
No front switch
No 18650 adaptor

I am so glad Eagtac have started to bring out some great lights with 21700 batteries the ability to simply grab an extra battery and essentially doubling your runtimes is fantastic. Eagtac make some of the nicest reflectors which they match to suitable LEDs to create a really uniform beam that not only has a very nice hotspot but also offers enough peripheral light that you can walk around or spot things off to the side out at distance. 

If you have never used an Eagtac torch you don’t know what you’re missing, although their lights may seem simple on the outside they are alway jam packed with features but further more that are super reliable. The simple interface means less moving parts that might fail and it is no wonder that we do not see many coming back for warranty.

If you are after a search light that is a bit of set and forget and know it going to work for years and years the M3V is for you, they added bonus of the removable 21700 battery and 3000 lumens output this is going to be a great light for a long time to come.