Lumintop Antman – Smallest LEP in the world?

Lumintop Ant Man.

A mini LEP that may just be the worlds smallest!

Is this the worlds smallest LEP??? – It is the smallest LEP we have tested.

This compact Lumintop LEP which they have rightly named the Ant Man is running off a 14500 lithium battery with a USB-C charging point built into the top of the battery is a delight to use. Only one mode but that one mode is so much fun. So small and compact this is a great addition to a super light pack where you might only run a headlamp but sometimes want to see a little further.

The Zoomed in light output that the LEP provides is great but being a smaller head it is not able to concentrate the light as some of Lumintop’s other models like the Thor III. That being said I found it great as seeing out to around that 200-300m mark is great it not only is able to easily get there but you get a bit of spread as well.

I had this light out to over 500m which I found massive for such a small light. Is this the world smallest most compact LEP im not sure but it is the smallest I have come across and I’m excited to see where this space is heading with super compact distance lights.

If you have found a smaller one please let me know I would like to put it to the test.