AceBeam K75 6300 Lumen Searchlight


The New AceBeam K75 is a powerful searchlight, with a maximum beam distance of 2500 metres, and created with thoughtful design and high quality construction. K75 uses its one LUMINUS SBT-90 GEN2 LED as well as six output levels, to produce a scorching brightness from 6300 lumens (Turbo) to 7 lumens (Ultra-Low), providing a wide variety of lighting options. The search light also comes with a blinding Strobe function for signalling or disorienting a target. The handheld light runs on four rechargeable 18650 batteries (sold separately) which can provide up to 7.5 days of use without a recharge. Choose discounted batteries and charger below.

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*GIVEAWAY!* | 2500m TRIED and TESTED Searchlight (scorching) | AceBeam K75


  • Max output: 6300 lumens
  • Max beam distance: 2500 metres
  • Weight: 843.8g without batteries
  • Size: 218mm (Length) x 126mm (Head dia.) x 53mm (Tube dia.)
  • Utilises one LUMINUS SBT-90-GEN2 LED with excellent performance
  • Maximum output up to 6300 lumens with monstrous 2500 metres far-reaching beam distance
  • ECO and POWER mode switch toggles between Everyday and Search-and-Rescue settings
  • Powered by 4 x 18650 rechargeable Li-ion batteries (Excluded)
  • 4 x ACEBEAM IMR 3100mAh 3.6V 18650 Lithium Ion Batteries (Recommended)
  • One-handed, one-button for easy and fast operation
  • Highly efficient constant current circuit design (Non-PWM)
  • Intelligent temperature controller is used to adjust brightness and prevent overheating
  • Rear tripod receptacle brings extra functionality
  • Battery level indicator lights for easy power monitoring
  • Lockout mode prevents accidental activation
  • Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass lens with an anti-reflective coating
  • Integrated Precision Digital Optics Technology provides extreme reflector performance
  • Sturdy aerospace-grade aluminium body with military grade type III hard-anodised finish
  • PX68 waterproof (2 metres submersible)
  • Impact resistance to 1 metre

Ultra-Low: 7 lumens; 7.5 days
Low: 120 lumens; 40000cd; 400 metres; 31 hours
Mid 1: 380 lumens; 99856cd; 632 metres; 16 hours
Mid 2: 1250 lumens; 289982cd; 1077 metres; 5 hours 15 minutes
High: 2500 lumens; 559504cd; 1496 metres; 2 hours 15 minutes
Turbo: 6300 lumens; 1562500cd, 2500 metres; 1 hour 45 minutes
Strobe: 3000 lumens; 3 hours 15 minutes

ECO Mode:
Ultra-Low: 7 lumens; 7.5 days
Low: 120 lumens; 40000cd; 400 metres; 31 hours
Mid 1: 250 lumens; 69960cd; 529 metres; 21 hours
Mid 2: 600 lumens; 189660cd; 871 metres; 10 hours 30 minutes
High: 1700 lumens; 389376cd; 1248 metres; 3 hours 30 minutes
Turbo: 3000 lumens; 679800cd, 1649 metres; 1 hour 45 minutes
Strobe: 3000 lumens; 3 hours 15 minutes

NOTE: In order to achieve POWER & ECO modes, the K75 must be installed with 4 x 18650 high drain batteries that can produce at least 10 Amps of current.
Only the ECO mode will function when using batteries with current <10 Amps.



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  1. EB (verified owner)


    Another quality product from Acebeam! This thing just throws a ton of light further than the eye can see and the included handle helps with heat and cooling. its just a quality bit of kit! The review videos dont do it justice you just have to buy it to really see what it can do.

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