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  • The REBEL is a fully rechargeable task light that includes an adjustable... View

    15 October 2021
    Very happy with this small but useful torch.
    - Ross
  • The Ultra Compact Manker MC11 II Tactical Torch is perfect for hunting,... View

    12 October 2021
    Great product,great service
    - Dan
  • The Led Lenser IW4R rechargeable pocket work light is only slightly larger... View

    7 October 2021
    Its A great light being able to place light and move beam to were it need to be hands free is a winner for me
    my second one off these 1st one on/off switch broke
    - Don Taylor
  • The new Pelican 3415M (magnet version) is the most versatile intrinsically safe... View

    6 October 2021
    This is a fantastic product that is durable, powerful and flexible. The robust design and sturdy construction make its operation simple, but very effective. Designed from the outset for maximum utility, the torch head easily moves through
    90 degrees and offers a very versatile range of uses. The controls offer a choice of two different modes and an emergency flashing setting. The overall unit with batteries is very light weight and not cumbersome. The clip allows easy attachment to a belt or jacket and the magnet is strong enough to easily hold onto a metal surface allowing you hands free and well lit working options. You could buy another torch, but why settle for second best?
    - Ian Jackson
  • The Fenix HM65R is a lightweight rechargeable headlamp with IP68 rated protection... View

    6 October 2021
    I am a communications technician and have been using different headlamp torches in roof spaces and under floors for years. I have found my Fenix headlamp to be the best I have used. Easy to operate ,very comfortable. Love the battery charge indicator. And love the power save mode that reduces the lamp light to minimum allowing you to still have light. All other led torches I've used when the battery is low it just turns off, leaving you in the dark.
    - Greg Williamson
  • The EagleTac 3600mAh 18650 battery offers longer runtime with its 3600mAh output... View

    6 October 2021
    Wonderful to have a fully charged spare battery for my headlamp.
    - Greg Williamson
  • The Olight S1R II delivers a huge output of 1,000 lumens in a... View

    5 October 2021
    I bought this as a replacement for an S1 Baton which I had lost. While this torch was impressive, its successor the S1R Baton II is even more so. It is a great utility torch which I carry permanently in a pocket. The maximum brightness of 1000 lumens is no exaggeration although it should be noted that the beam is quite broad. However, it easily achieves the claimed 145 m distance. I particularly like the fact that the Baton II will run from a CR123 and so you have another option if the dedicated magnetic charging lead is not available. Another useful feature is the charge indicator LED remaining on instead of turning off after a few seconds. This little torch is great value and highly recommended.
    - Richard Taylor
  • The Fenix TK16 V2.0 provides powerful output, is durable, and has dual... View

    4 October 2021
    Good quality product. Only used a hand full of times to date but so far so good, it is what it claims to be.
    Impressed with the service/delivery. I was contacted by the company to advise of a short delay with a spare battery I had ordered and was offered an alternative, I was happy to wait and a few days later I had the products in my hand. Nice being advised and not left waiting.
    - Shane
  • The E35 V3.0 has a max output of 3,000 lumens with a... View

    30 September 2021
    Amazing light. Battery lasts a long time and is easily recharged. Worth every cent.
    - Rob McKenty
  • The Imalent MS18 also known as the Ambassador of light is a... View

    29 September 2021
    I recently purchased the Imalent MS18 from the guys at the LED Torch Shop. Had a few questions from the team which were answered immediately. Great customer support. I then proceeded to to purchase on-line. The torch was dispatched the next business day so very happy with the customer service from the LED Torch Shop. I purchased the Imalent MS18 for no other reason than to have the brightest torch in the world, I also love the technology and quality workmanship. I certainly recommend the torch for anyone who has the same desires and also the team at LED Torch Shop for all your lighting needs.
    - Andrew Segula