Rechargeable Docking Flashlights

Docking flashlights can be extremely useful not only in emergencies but also day to day use, and the fact that these are all rechargeable makes them even more useful. Having a light in a dock can make it great for an emergency as you will always know where it is and be able to find it knowing it will be fully charged. Also to be able to dock your like charge it us easily and have it in a safe spot all the time is a bonus. Check out the rechargeable doing flashlights below.

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  • MagLite ML150LR LED Rechargeable Torch - 1082 Lumens-0
    MagLite ML150LR LED Rechargeable Torch - 1082 Lumens-14851

    MagLite ML150LR LED Rechargeable Torch – 1082 Lumens

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Docking cradles are an alternative way of charging your torch than the standard USB charging cable. A docking cradle allows you to conveniently charge your torch and can be mounted inside a car or to a wall or laid on a desk or table. This means you can have a spot to charge your torch and always know that it will be there ready for you. Torches with a docking cradle are great for security guards or anyone looking to keep a torch in their car or a chosen room.

All torches with docking cradles come with a Full Manufacturer’s Warranty when purchased through LED Torch Shop.

Check out our range of torches with docking cradles and please give us a call or email us if you have any questions!