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Choosing A Gun light

There are so many different ways we like to hunt. Some like to be completely unseen and use the latest night vision scopes and hi-tech equipment and some prefer the challenge of going back to basics. Whichever way you decide to take on the challenge there are many torches to suit your style.

First lets take a look at our main options using different types of light.

  1. Cool white cree LED torches

Standard white LED torches are still the most commonly used in hunting as they offer a higher output of power utilizing the latest high performance cree led chips and are set up to have a decent range – usually around the 300 to 500 meter mark.

Klarus XT20 XM-L2

Klarus XT20 XM-L2

Our main high output cool white torches have conveniently been put into gun kits , although they can also be purchased separately.

We have specifically designed our gun kits to make the chore of picking your equipment easier and more cost effective.

All of our gunkits come with:

A silent remote pressure switch that replaces the original tail cap and is designed to be mounted in the most accessible place on your rifle with velcro tabs for effortless, safe and efficient use of your gun.

Pressure tape switch

Pressure tape switch

A Soshine S2 battery charger which will charge two 18650 batteries at the same time, resets protection circuit, smart charge auto cut off when batteries are charged and it has an over heat cut off for safety and to prevent any damage to the batteries. 

Soshine SC-S2 Battery Charger

Soshine SC-S2 Battery Charger

And an ARIA quick release gun mount that marries up to your scope to help with weight distribution and also adapt to any gun with existing mounting rails.  

Aria quick release gun mount

Aria quick release gun mount

Multi colour led torches 

These torches are designed to cover many tasks including map reading, stealth and to minimise wildlife disturbance which is the aim of the game.

You can get filter kits for most cool white torches although it does come at the cost to range.

The multi colour torches we offer have coloured led chips which gives you more range and a higher output of coloured light.

The Klarus FH10 is a really good example of a multi colour torch and it is designed to work with gun mounting systems and utilise a remote tape switch.

Klarus FH10 Multi-Color 700 lumen

Klarus FH10 Multi-Color 700 lumen Thedelivers great distance and usability on white it has a 500 meter throw 345meters on green and 225 on red

The Klarus FH10 Multi-Color 700 lumen torch delivers great distance and usability. On white mode, it has a 500 meter throw, 345 meters on green and 225 meters on red. Red or green are ideal colours to use with animals such as foxes or pigs.

IR LED torches 

Now these gadgets are for the guys who love their tech and for the Night Vision enthusiasts.

Microfire Predator HL-1 IR

Microfire Predator HL-1 IR

IR torches go hand in hand with night vision scopes. Because IR led chips have come so far in their development, along with today’s night vision being so sensitive to light, we are now able to to see further than ever before enabling you to take down a target much further than we have ever thought possible at night. Used in conjunction with even a low level Night Vision set these IR torches will amplify the existing light to create a much clearer image at night while still remaining undetected to your game and others. To get an idea how these units work with a Night Vision unit check out this video.

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