Led Lenser X21R  Led Lenser have just released their latest version of the flag ship model X21R. The X21R has been one of the most popular search lights in the high end flashlight market for over 10 years now and has proven so popular it is still being produced in the same form factor. […]

The new Led Lenser XEO19R 2000 lumen rechargeable headlamps is perhaps one of the most powerful headlamps we have come across to date. What makes the XEO so special is the fact that not only does it produce 2000 lumens of light for extended periods of time from its 2 adjustable reflectors but it does […]

How To Choose A Headlamp   Choosing a headlamp is a simple exercise. Simply go to your nearest camping store, go to the lighting section of the store, and pick a headlamp that suits your budget and needs. Oh and don’t forget to pick a nice pretty colour. This is very important as you don’t […]

Nitecore are a brand of high end flashlights that are distributed through out the world. They first formed in 2007 and quickly became well known in the flashlight world for producing quality bright and reliable torches and lighting accessories. If you have ever seen or owned a Nitecore flashlight or headlamp you will know how […]

Being an officer or security guard means you have to be dependable so of coarse so does the tools you have on your utility belt. having a powerful and reliable flashlight could make all the difference.  Pretty much all of them ether come with a holster or a belt clip or have the option to […]

Choosing a bike light can sometimes be a difficult task given the choice of lights out there. The choice can range from fully rechargeable bike lights with integrated batteries systems to more basic units for occasional use that will run on standard AA or AA batteries. Below are just a few of our favourite lights […]

CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR FULL RANGE OF HUNTING TORCHES Hunting Torches  are a great solution for hunters shooting at night time who don’t want to carry a separate searchlight or have a second person on hand all the time to hold a torch. Handheld spotlights are quickly becoming a thing of the past as […]