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Nitecore Torches

Nitecore are a brand of high end flashlights that are distributed through out the world. They first formed in 2007 and quickly became well known in the flashlight world for producing quality bright and reliable torches and lighting accessories. If you have ever seen or owned a Nitecore flashlight or headlamp you will know how well designed the functions are and also how ahead of the pack they are with their reflector design which is an extremely important part of every flashlight.

Nitecore Searchlights

Nitecore produce a range of searchlights known as their TM series or Tiny Monster and depending on which unit you pick you will either get a stupidly bright high output light like the TM28 which outputs 6000 lumens and brilliant for those looking for the brightest light available the size of a coke can. Or on the other scale you could choose the TM16GT or TM38 with a lower lumen output but specially designed with super large deep smooth search light reflectors capable of projecting their beams out to 1km.

Nitecore Headlamps

Nitecore also produce some really cool headlamps from headlamps like the HA40 that run on general purpose AA batteries ideal for light campers all the way up the headlamp units like the HC65 outputting 1000 lumens that run on lithium ion rechargeable batteries which are ideal for the heavier users in industry and tradies.

Nitecore EDC

Nitecore EDC or every day carry are a great solution for people wanting a super bright torch to have in the case of an emergency. A good example of a Nitecore EDC is the Nitecore EC11 which outputs a huge 900 lumens and comes in under 3 inches long. These lights are ideal to carry in your pocket and have when there is a power outage or just needing light and you dont have a full size torch on hand.


Nitecore Philosophy

Nitecore have not developed the reputation as being one of the best high end flashlight and lighting manufacturers for no Reason. All Nitecore products are designed and built to the highest standard and all quality checked before leaving their factory. Nitecore also offer a 5 year warranty on all their products so customers can have the peace of mind when the invest in a Nitecore product they will have no issues with it. All nitecore products sold through www.ledtorchshop.com.au are covered by this 5 year warranty. Any Nitecore products purchased overseas will not be covered by Nitecore Australia’s 5 year warranty.



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