Being an officer or security guard means you have to be dependable so of coarse so does the tools you have on your utility belt. having a powerful and reliable flashlight could make all the difference. ¬†Pretty much all of them ether come with a holster or a belt clip or have the option to […]

Choosing a bike light can sometimes be a difficult task given the choice of lights out there. The choice can range from fully rechargeable bike lights with integrated batteries systems to more basic units for occasional use that will run on standard AA or AA batteries. Below are just a few of our favourite lights […]

There are so many different ways we like to hunt. Some like to be completely unseen and use the latest night vision scopes and hi-tech equipment, some prefer the challenge of going back to basics Whichever way you decide to take on the challenge there are many torches to suit your style. First lets take […]

LED Lenser is possibly one of the most famous flashlight brands in the world and for good reason. In 1993 two brothers from Germany set out to create something different in the portable lighting market and today’s range of Led Lenser torches are the result of more than 20 years of design and innovation. Led […]