Ultimate Guide to the Best EDC Torches in 2024

Top 5 EDC Torches

When it comes to everyday carry (EDC) items, a reliable and bright torch is an essential tool. It acts as a beacon of light in unexpected situations, illuminating your path when darkness falls or providing a helping hand during nighttime tasks. Below are a few of our top picks, carefully chosen from our extensive EDC range, to cater to various needs and preferences.

For the minimalist:

  • Keyring torch: This ultra-compact option attaches seamlessly to your keychain, ensuring it’s always within reach. Despite its miniature size, it packs a surprising punch, offering enough brightness for quick bursts of illumination, perfect for navigating dimly lit areas or unlocking your door at night.

For everyday convenience:

  • Compact pocket torch: Striking the perfect balance between size and functionality, these torches offer comfortable pocket carry and ample brightness for everyday tasks. They often boast features like multiple light modes, water resistance, and sturdy construction, making them ideal for navigating unfamiliar paths, finding dropped items, or tackling household projects in low-light conditions.

For the power-seeker:

  • High-lumen torch: If you prioritise maximum illumination, look no further than our high-lumen torches. These torches deliver powerful beams that can pierce through darkness, making them ideal for exploring unlit environments, searching for objects at a distance, or situations requiring a wider field of view.

1.Jetbeam RRT03 Raptor

The Jetbeam RRT03 Raptor is a compact and powerful torch that packs a punch. With a maximum output of 1450 lumens, this torch can light up any dark situation. It also features a unique rotary control ring that allows you to easily adjust the brightness level with just one hand and also has a red/green and blue feature

2. Olight Seeker 4 Mini

The Olight Seeker 4 Mini is a sleek and compact torch that can easily fit into your pocket or bag. It boasts an impressive maximum output of 1200 lumens, making it great for outdoor adventures or emergencies. It also has a magnetic tail cap for hands-free use and comes with a rechargeable battery.

3.Wuben C2 Rechargeable Torch

The Wuben C2 Rechargeable torch is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality. It has a maximum output of 2000 lumens and comes with a rechargeable battery, making it convenient for everyday use. It also has multiple lighting modes and a durable aluminum alloy construction. The C2 also comes with a pocket clip.

4. Speras E21

The Speras E21 is a versatile and compact torch that can easily fit into your pocket or bag. It has a maximum output of 2000 lumens and features a unique twist-action tail cap for easy operation. The torch also comes with a rechargeable battery and has an impressive runtime of up to 100 hours on its lowest setting. This is a great bang for buck EDC

5. Nextorch TA20 compact EDC torch

This is my own personal EDC and new favourite torch. The Nextorch TA20 is an ultra-compact EDC torch that can easily fit in your pocket. It may be small, but it packs a powerful punch with a maximum output of 1000 lumens and a beam distance of over 210 meters. It also features a unique tail switch for easy one-handed operation. What I love about this torch is the ease at which you can change the interface from an EDC torch to a tactical torch with strobe. This torch will not disappoint.

With the vast array of EDC torches available, choosing the right one depends on your individual needs and priorities. Consider your daily activities, the size and weight you can comfortably carry, and the level of brightness and features you require. Remember, the “best” torch is the one that perfectly complements your lifestyle and equips you to handle everyday situations with confidence. So, explore the different options, prioritise the features that matter most to you, and invest in a reliable EDC torch that will become your trusted companion for years to come. Whether you’re navigating a darkened hallway, searching for a lost item, or simply need a burst of light, the perfect EDC torch is waiting to illuminate your path.