Tactical vs. EDC Torches – How to Choose in 2024 the Best Torch For You

Choosing between Tactical size and EDC torches

When choosing or deciding to purchase between tactical-size torches and everyday carry (EDC) torches, key factors such as size, brightness, and functionality come to the forefront.

Tactical torches are designed for durability and intense brightness, often utilised by law enforcement and in military applications. Their robust construction can withstand rugged use and they typically feature a strobe mode for disorienting a potential threat. Tactical torches will usually come equipped with a holster for belt/vest or Molle carry options. Some also come supplied with heavy duty pocket clips and sturdy lanyards so you are able to carry the way you want. 

On the other hand, EDC torches prioritise portability and convenience. Smaller in size, these torches are meant to be carried daily, fitting seamlessly into pockets or attached to keychains, providing sufficient light for routine tasks without the heft and advanced features of their tactical counterparts. EDC torches in recent times are now pushing the design boundaries on what an EDC light should look like with more shapes and sizes on offer than ever before. 

Size Difference

Tactical Torches

Size plays a crucial role in determining whether a torch is classified as tactical or EDC. Tactical torches are typically larger and heavier, making them bulkier to carry around on a daily basis and are usually carried in a belt pouch or holster. This size difference is due to the additional features and rugged construction of tactical torches and also Tactical torches usually run on the larger 18650 or 21700 rechargeable batteries. Tactical torches will also generally have a higher output and also larger reflector so these torches can be used outdoors for more power and distance. Also being brighter if equipped with a strobe mode these torches can subdue an attacker easily by utilising the super bright strobe feature. You will find tactical torches will be able to throw a longer distance beam with a more defined hotspot, also another key feature is the use of a tail cap button with possible instant strobe function included. One of the best Tactical torches on the market at the moment is the Klarus XT11GT Pro V2.0 3300 lumens and comes with everything you possibly need from battery to inbuilt charging holster pocket clip and more excellent light. 

EDC Torches

In contrast, EDC torches or Every Day Carry are designed with portability in mind. They are smaller and more compact, making them easy to carry around in pockets or attach to keychains. This makes them the perfect choice for individuals who need a reliable source of light at all times, without the added weight and size.

As these are designed in a smaller form factor the reflectors will generally be smaller so designed for more urban use and also the batteries will be lighter and lower in capacity so runtimes will be shorter. With many companies now choosing to increase design outputs for many EDC lights we are starting to see more rectangle lights come to market which are going to fit easily inside a pocket. EDC lights often try to make with design as compact as possible with shallow reflectors multiple LED options and TIR lenses to maximise distance. All features can be a tell tell of an EDC light and maximises the light output and distance. A great example of a light like this with a sturdy pocket clip and super bright output but still being a nice compact EDC light is the Jetbeam EC26

Our Tips for choosing

Our tips for choosing are this. If you use a torch a lot for work and extended periods of time for example you are Police or in security or a trade’s person or you think the torch will be on for 20 minute or more each time choose a tactical size torch with the extra battery capacity. This will ensure you have enough runtime for extended work periods. A Tactical light is great for around the home as well, if you are looking for a torch with a rear tail switch easy functioning modes with little hassle and a more defined hotspot providing further distance than I tactical torch is for you. 

If you carry a torch for those less frequent occasions like power outages or carrying for lighting your way from your car or house for example EDC torches are great as the smaller compact size means you will be more inclined to have the torch on you when you need it. Along with this if you are also after a light with multiple modes and also hidden modes (strobe,SOS) with some having Red/Green/Blue LEDs and great design features that make it truly enjoyable to use, not to mention different carry methods than an EDC torch is for you. 

I love EDC torches and always carry one with me in my pocket, But having said that I also always have a larger tactical size torch in my car so I can grab if needed and my EDC does not give me enough power or distance.


In conclusion, whether you choose a tactical or EDC torch, both have their own unique features and benefits. Tactical torches offer high brightness levels and advanced features for tactical situations, while EDC torches provide longer battery life and compact size for everyday use.

Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on your specific needs and usage requirements. But one thing is for sure – having a reliable source of light in your pocket at all times is always a wise decision, no matter what situation you may find yourself in.

Whether it’s for safety reasons or everyday tasks, a torch can be invaluable and should definitely be considered as part of your EDC essentials.

Stay safe and stay prepared! Keep a torch with you at all times, because as the saying goes, “It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”

So take your pick between tactical and EDC torches, or better yet, why not have both? Also in our next blog we will be picking our top 5 picks for EDC.