How to choose an LED Torch

Cree LED Technology

These days the advancement of technology has revolutionised pretty much the way we do everything and the house hold torch or flashlight is no exception with lighting moving from bulbs to led solid state chips.

Technology Advancement With the recent but rapid advancement in cree led’s the common dolphin torch or Maglite in the cupboard is a thing of the past with lumen outputs moving from 50-60 lumens to well over 1000 lumen + torches that are much smaller and more efficient on Battery usage. There isn’t much out there now that isn’t brighter than an inefficient incandescent bulb these days and with so much to choose from how are you supposed to know what’s going to suit your needs.

Choosing The Right Torch below is a list of things to take into consideration when choosing a light for a specific use or budget based on what is currently available on the market.

Lumen Outputs All to often people buy on the principal of the higher the number of lumens the better the product in some cases that can work fine but when you have a specific task for example distance you can completely throw this way of choosing out the window. Lots of torches on the market today will have lumen outputs over 5000 lumens but the output will be made up from several leds in cluster with shallow reflectors which make the torch very bright close up within 100 meters but if you want to view something at 500 meters there will not be enough focused light to project out that far. On our home page there is a beam drop down box that can help with choosing distances required and also lumens.

budget this is probably the biggest deciding factor for most people when choosing a torch. You wont necessarily get the best torch for your application just by paying more nor will you get the best performing torch for nothing. Again on our website we have many categories based on usage and we tend to pick what we consider to be the best for that application based on what we have in our range. We do not include torches in specific sections for example gun lights just because they are available we choose based on distances they can throw and suitability to hunting.

Specific Usage as mentioned before if you have a specific use for a torch or piece of lighting equipment simply go to our categories section and we have broken the range down by type and most suitable. A few examples of some body needing a very specific torch and accessories can be seen below. These are just a few of these examples.

Gun torches shooters are a good example of a group who require specific torches. in our gun torch section we have set up specific gun kits with all accessories for mounting to. We only choose lights that are focused and achieve long throw with smooth deep reflectors and led cree chips designed for throw. You wont see gun torches in this section 5000+ lumens because as mentioned earlier lumens does not equate directly to throw there is also chip design, reflector surface and angle of the reflector to create a high candela at distance.

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Search Lights search lights are great for people needing long distances but also super high outputs. Large torches designed with a combination of huge lumen output and also large reflectors are great for this application. Torches such as the Fenix Rc40 and olight X9R are ideal for this use. To view our full range of search lights go to our search light section. Some search light for applications that require 1km+ distances are specifically designed by using special lenser that tighten the beam to get massive candela at distance. One such light is the Microfire Excalibur which has a staggering beam distance of 2km+. This light is not for general purpose use but mainly for sea search and rescue or air to ground searches.



Intrinsically safe lighting are torches, headlamps or lighing systems that have been designed to be used in work environments where the possibility of a spark or ignition could cause a fire or explosion. Examples of this would be an oil refinery gas and fuel plants, grain silos, mining or manufacturing facilities. All our intrinsically safe lights have certificates to confirm to Australian industry standards which are required to produce for inspection if required. Pelican torches are a company that produce intrinsically safe torches and are used by all SES, and other first responders across Australia. To view our range of work lights for this application simple click the link. Intrinsically safe

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Pocket Torches How small can you go? Its amazing just how powerful these tiny pocket torches actually are. Pocket torches are a great EDC for those times when you are out and about and may have the need to be able to access a super bright torch from your pocket. Some of the pocket torches on the market today can produce in the thousands of lumens and will astound you at how much light can actually be produced from a flashlight 3inches or less in length. Some we highly recommend are the Eagletac DX3b, Led lenser p5r, Klarus XT1C and the Olight S1R. If you are putting together a survival bag or bug out bag these are great to save space.


Rechargeable Torches rechargeable torches are the ideal solution for people using torches a lot. Most of the rechargeable torches we sell use lithium ion batteries which can be charged 400-500 times over the course of their life which long term is a huge saving if the torch is used a lot. Charging is simple and in most cases is usb so any usb power source will recharge your torch for example your phone charger or an adaptor in the car. There is a large range to choose from in rechargeable from tiny keyring rechargeable torches all the way up to super bright search lights. Most industries now are using rechargeable torches as they have realised the benefits of torches that are much brighter as rechargeable batteries have higher voltages so the torch can run at a much higher output. And also the cost savings over time can be huge. For our full range click the link. Rechargeable Torches


Choosing the right LED torch can be a challenging task, given the numerous options available in the market. With the increasing popularity of LED torches, you want to ensure you make an informed decision and choose a torch that meets your needs.

Here are some factors to consider when selecting an LED torch:

  1. Purpose: Consider what you will be using the torch for. Will it be for outdoor activities, such as camping or hiking, or indoor activities such as DIY projects or household chores?
  2. Brightness: The brightness of an LED torch is measured in lumens, and you should choose a torch with a suitable level of brightness based on your intended use. A torch with a high lumen count is ideal for outdoor activities, whereas a low lumen count may be suitable for indoor use.
  3. Beam Distance: The beam distance is the distance at which the torch can illuminate an object, and it is measured in meters. If you need a torch for long-distance visibility, choose one with a longer beam distance.
  4. Battery Life: Consider the battery life of the torch and the type of batteries required. Some torches come with rechargeable batteries, while others use disposable batteries. Choose a torch with a battery life that meets your needs.
  5. Size and Weight: Consider the size and weight of the torch, especially if you will be carrying it for long periods. A lightweight and compact torch is ideal for outdoor activities, while a heavier torch may be suitable for indoor use.
  6. Durability: Choose a torch that is built to last and can withstand harsh conditions. Look for torches made from durable materials such as aluminium or stainless steel.
  7. Additional Features: Some torches come with extra features such as adjustable beams, different light modes, or waterproofing. Consider which features are essential to you.

In conclusion, when choosing an LED torch, consider your purpose, the brightness and beam distance required, battery life, size and weight, durability, and additional features. By taking these factors into account, you can make an informed decision and choose the right LED torch for your needs.