Police and Security Torches

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Being an officer or security guard means you have to be dependable so of coarse so does the tools you have on your utility belt. having a powerful and reliable flashlight could make all the difference.  Pretty much all of them ether come with a holster or a belt clip or have the option to purchase one as an accessory.  making sure your torch is at the ready when you need it. we recommend using a general purpose pocket torch for this kind of usage seeing they are highly powered for there size perfect for routine patrol checks most have a crown like bezel which makes good for tactical striking and self defence also having a strobe helping aid in disorientating and subduing and it also makes a good way of getting attention when needed.

Lets break it down and get you going in the right direction.

before we jump straight in a few questions you might want to ask yourself to shortcut through the chice selection

how much light do i need?

its only for lite duties map reading paperwork close up

how long do i need to use my torch continuesly?

what size am i comfortable carrying around with me?

AA battery torches.

Do you want to be able to find batterys for it almost anywhere? AA battery torches are convenient as far as you can have power from any service station supermarket there redly available altho you will notice a drop in brightness compared to the li-ion batterys.


This tiny single AA torch is surtanly hard pressed to be beaten with its 660 lumens giving you vision up to 150 meters away and being small enough to comfortably be placed anywhere on your persons.


This AA torch is on the verge of being a full on search light running on 8 AA’s its able to place its beam 480 meters away with a powerful 1000 lumenCree XM-L2 U2 led and features red and blue led’s witch can be put into an alternating strobe mode.


Has versatility written all over it. when run on LI-ION AA’s this torch is capable of 1100 lumens with a beam distance of 390 meeters and is fully rechargeable with the convenience of being able to buy batterys anywhere if you need to.


The TN4A (1150 lumen) is one of the brightest AA torches available having a nice even spreading beam from its deep orange peal reflector and still reaching an impressive 326 meters in distance.


this torch maintains a light rugged ergonomic design by incorporating a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite body and will punch out a respectable 680 lumens all while only costing $84.95


Eagletac has delivered with another great torch with the sx25a6 which is very comfortable to hold and is one of the most powerful of the AA range with 1305 lumens and a beam distance of 396 meters makes this torch feel like it belongs in another league.


This torch isnt the brightest but it does offer usb recharging and a very small size run off two AA rechargable or alkaline battery makes this torch the perfect EDC.

Fully Rechargeable torches.

Do you want a simple unit with usb recharge-ability? These guys are a fantastic inovation now the torch you keep in your car or use every day can be charged up on the fly or at your earliest convenience no need to stress out and conserve battery life altho these torches still offer an excellent runtime from 1.5 hrs to 2.5 hrs on there highest output modes.

A rechargable torch has many benefits like with anything you ever choose you need to weigh up the pros and cons relative to the way you use your torch being rechargable is fantastic no need to take batterys out all you need is your torch nothing else. so you know your a little forgetful and charging a battery after a night shift just isnt going to be on the forefront of your mind when you get home dont stress all these torches can be charge vie a usb port or a car charger. this means your torch is going to be at the ready all the time in saying this tho if you need to use the torch for 3 or 4 hours straight its just not going to happen you will have to recharge your torch, further down i have a list of torches designed to be used for extensive amounts of time.

SR52UT Intimidator – Since been updated to the Javelot Pro 2

The SR52 is a well packaged torch boasting 1100 lumens and projecting its beam 800 mtr’s. Whilst on the larger end of the scale this borderline search light is still small enough to comfortably carry daily. Since been updated to the Olight Javelot Pro 2 , this torch comes with an impressive battery capacity of 5000mAh, giving you an extended run time of up to 280 hours. This torch is also capable of being charged via USB-C.

Olight S30R11 Baton – Since been updated to the Baton Pro

This has to be one of the most versatile torches for an officer on the market at the moment it has a huge output of 1020 new output 2000 is lumens its throw is just shy of 200 mtr’s and having a magnetic base allows you to place it on the side of the squad car and see what you are doing while you perform tasks with both hands.

 Olight R40 Seeker

The olight is a very well rounded combining good runtime with a high output. On high it puts out 1100 lumens / 2 hours  and on low 12 lumens / 120 hours it has a respectable beam distance of 280 meters and is IPX-8 (waterproof up to 2 meters) its Dimensions are: 143mm x 38.5mm

Niteye MS-R28

A good sized usb rechargable torch it has a tactical tail on/off switch with an easy to feel side switch to change modes this torch is an all rounder with a 321 meter beam distance and decently bright at 1020 lumens.

Klarus XT15 – Now been updated to the XT12GT

The XT15 is one of the most popular and well presented torches that we carry. it has a very simple magnetic charger that looks good and works even better. 1020 ANSI lumens and shining an impressive 355 metres, the XT12GT now has a staggering 1600 lumens and over 600m throw, makes this perfect for any rapid response situation. However you will need to purchase a holster separately.

RS11 – Since update to the XT2CR Pro

this torch offers great value for money it is an all inclusive package so your ready to go as soon as you open up the box.     it has an impressive 930 lumens coupled with a textured orange peal reflector to give a good spread of light it couldn’t be any simpler with a magnetic self locating usb charging port on the rear. in the box you get a holster a pocket clip a klarus lanyard and the rs11 with one klarus omni directional 18650 battery and magnetic charging cable.

Jetbeam C8 – Updated to the C8 Pro

The c8 is a brilliant budget friendly  EDC flashlight offering a reliable 1000 lumens and a throw of  243 meters. and you can equip this torch with a glass breaker (sold separately) that screws into the tail cap of the torch.

SX25L2 – updated to the MX30L2-R

impressive is all i can say the sx25l2 is just shy of being in the searchlight section it has a high power output of 1300 lumens and a beam distance of 396 meters once married up with a turbo head its significantly increased to 498 meters the large R33 battery gives this torch a solid runtime of 2.7 hrs on high.

DDR26 – Since been updated to SSR50

Well rounded and simple to use, the digital display makes this torch a breeze to use knowing how much charge you have left and exactly what mode its set on helps to conserve battery life as you see fit and still having a good distance of 300 meters.


The DDR30 is an extremely powerful torch that offers both spread and a huge distance of 450 meters  all while not being too cumbersome and having a runtime of 1.8 hrs on its highest mode makes this torch good for any search and rescue operation.

LI-ION Torches

These torches are designed for people who cant afford to have there torch out of comission whilst charging they stand up to the highest demand of continuous use. this does require you to carry a spare battery with you so your never left short whilst in the feild. by carrying 2x spare 2600 18650 batterys with you, should be ample to last a night shift just remember to recharge the batterys when you get home or carry a car charger with you and you should never be left in the dark.

If your not fussed and happy to carry a couple of rechargeable batterys with you these are the way to go with high usage even tho there not quite as convenient as just plugging it into a charger you might find that having to decommission your light for a couple of hours while it charges is also an inconvenience so buy carrying a few spare batterys and charging them at work/home will give you quite a long working time with your torch.


This palm sized flashlight is quite impressive having an adjustable beam and a high output of 1000 lumens and has quite a considerable run time when used with the larger 26650 battery.


If 1180 lumens isn’t enough this versatile torch has multiple dropins (sold separately) covering 365nm (ultraviolet) to 850nm (inferred) it comes STD with an xm-l2 u2 cree chip which is good for a 262 meter throw of light.

M23 javelot

Olight always hits the mark the m23 achieves an outstanding maximum beam distance of  436 mtr’s by using the latest CREE XP-L LED chip with an output of 1020 lumens and a smooth reflector. This torch comes with a heavy-duty holster, a defuser for close up work, a laniard and a carry case where you can store your spare batterys. to top it off out of the box its fitted with a nice chunky strike bezil.


Easily select modes with its simple mode selection ring no more cycling through modes. this torch isnt trying to hard for numbers more so focusing on usability and functionality only having a throw of 233 mtr’s but having a good balance of flood and spot making a very satisfying torch that can be used on the daily.


Cree XM-L2 T6 LED 300 meters Turbo: 960 Lumens – 3 hours High: 200 Lumens – 7 hours