Victorinox SwissTool Spirit Plus II in Nylon Pouch


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The Victorinox SwissTool Spirit Plus II with Nylon Pouch is a multi-tool pliers can be both elegant and ergonomically designed. The Victorinox SwissTool Spirit III offers incredible 39 functions including a ratchet and a practical bit case with 6 standard bits.

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  1. Corkscrew 
  2. Metal file 
  3. Metal saw 
  4. Chisel 
  5. Mini-screwdriver 
  6. Bit case 
  7. Practical Spirit combi edge blade 
  8. Screwdriver 2mm 
  9. Screwdriver 3mm 
  10. Phillips screwdriver for PH1 and PH2 
  11. Scissors 
  12. Nylon pouch 
  13. Wire cutter for thin and soft wire up to 40 HRc 
  14. Crate opener 
  15. Cable cover cutter lenghtwise 
  16. Wire bender 
  17. Wire stripper and scraper 
  18. Cable cover cutter circular 
  19. Hard wire cutter 
  20. Lanyard hole 
  21. Lock release 
  22. Ratchet (30 Nm) 
  23. Bit extension bar 
  24. Individual springs 
  25. Needlenose pliers 
  26. Reamer 
  27. Cap lifter 
  28. Can opener 
  29. Multi purpose hook 
  30. Screwdriver 6 mm 
  31. Bit wrench with
  32. Bit Hex 3 (Inbus)
  33. Bit Hex 4 (Inbus)
  34. Bit Philips 3
  35. Bit Torx 10
  36. Bit Torx 15
  37. Coupling for corkscrew 
  38. Space for additional bits 



Length                   105 mm
Width 35 mm
Height 16 mm



Victorinox guarantees all tools to be of first class stainless steel and also guarantees a life time against any defects in material and workmanship (2 years for electronic components). Damage caused by normal wear and tear, misuse or abuse are not covered by this guarantee.



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