SteriPEN Classic 3 with Pre-Filter


Using four AA lithium batteries, the Classic gives you the power to purify an incredible 200 half-liters of water with a single set of batteries, providing you with that extra confidence to know that you’ll have access to safe drinking water whenever you’re hiking or camping in the wild. SteriPEN Classic’s tapered end provides a snug fit with water bottles, and with the SteriPEN Fits All Filter, works even with wide-mouth water bottles.

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The Classic is the workhorse of the SteriPEN family. It’s a product that you can consistently rely on for its ruggedness and performance.

This simple and ultralight purifier provides safe drinking water with a minimum of fuss. The SteriPEN uses ultraviolet light to destroy viruses, bacteria and protozoa. The Classic with Pre-Filter pack includes a 40×40 micron screen Pre-Filter to remove particulates from the water. The Pre-Filter is designed to be stored directly on the wide mouth bottles. 

The Classic with Pre-Filter pack is all that is needed when camping, hiking, backpacking or traveling.


  • Weight (grams): 156

  • Dimensions: 7.6″|19.3cm (L) X 1.5″|3.8cm (W) X 1.5″|3.8cm (H)

  • Battery Type: AA Lithium

  • Batteries: 4 x AA Lithium Batteries (not included)

  • Battery Life: Lithium Disposable: 200 treatments (16oz./0.5L), NiMH: 200 treatments; Alkaline & NiCd not recommended

  • UV Lamp Life: 8,000 Treatments

  • Minimum Bottle Diameter: 20mm (0.8 inches)

  • Filter Compatibility: Tapered End (PreFilter and FitsAll)


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