Soshine SC-S1 Mix Battery Charger


This is an intelligent charger especially designed for quick refresh times for recharging 1-2 pcs 18650 / 1 and 1-2pcs 16340Lithium-Ion batteries at the same time. The charger has 4 separate charging channels so all batteries are charged individually.

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Product Overview:

Li-ion 18650 / 17670 / 18490 / 17500
Li-ion 16340 / 17335 / 14430 / 14500 / 10440
Input: AC100-240V + 12VDC
Capacity: 4 x Li-ion Batteries
Indicators: 4 x LED



Input: AC100-24V 50/60Hz
Output: 12VDC – 1000mA
DC Car Adapter: 12V
Li-ion 18650 18500 charging current = 1200mA1, 800mA2
Li-ion 16340 18650 18500 10440 17335 RCR123 – charging current = 600mA1, 600mA2.


End of charge voltage detection assures the safe and full charge any time
Short circuit protection
Over voltage cut-off protection prevents damage to your battery due to over voltage
Complete individual channels convenience prevents batteries charging each other
Charge Method: CC/CV Charges battery fully and quickly
Reverse polarity protection prevents damage to your battery and charger
Time control – 4 x individual clocks, after charging the power cuts down.
Temperature control to 60 degrees then power cuts down.
Battery reset for short circuit protection

4 x Individual LED Indicators
RED ON = Battery Charging
GREEN FLASH = Charge 80%-90% Complete
GREEN ON = Charge 90%-100% Complete
RED-GREEN FLASH = Non rechargeable Li-ion battery. Low voltage between 2.0V-3.0V. Temperature over 60 degrees.

Tips – It is normal for batteries to warm up while charging.Charge the battery complete if they are not used for more than one year.

Using an adaptor that does not meet these specifications could damage the charger or the adaptor.

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