Prolite M600 Rechargeable Bike Light (450 Lumens) with Intelligent Light Sensor


Constructed using high quality ABS shell and LED-T6 lamp head, this sleek looking rechargeable electro-optic sensing smart bike light is also IPX6 rated and has the ability for 360 degrees rotation when mounted. Outputting max 450 Lumens, the light has the capability to automatically adjust brightness according to the surrounding environment.

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Klarus Mi2 USB Keychain Light-0
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Mode 1: Low – High – Light sensing control

Mode 2: Slow flash – Fast flash – SOS

Power Indicator: Three indicators (100% – 75%), Two indicators (75%-50%), One indicator (50%-25%), Indicator flash (Less than 25%)

Stepless Dimming: Touching the key will adjust the brightness.

Light Sensing: Automatically senses the surrounding natural light and adjusts the brightness of the output accordingly.

Side Warning Light

Endurance: 3-15h

Dimensions: 130 x 34 x 36 mm

Weight: 107g




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