Led Lenser NEO4 3AAA Headlamp – 240 Lumens


The entry level models in Ledlenser’s second generation of NEO running headlamps, the NEO4’s are almost three times brighter than the previous NEO models and are packed with new and innovative features to light the path on your next evening activity.

  • Innovative optics and a swivel head provide targeted lighting
  • 2 energy modes: Energy Saving for long runs and Constant Current for constant light
  • Highly resistant to dust and water per IP57
  • Backup mode: Over 1 hour of battery life remaining after the first low battery warning to keep you from suddenly being stranded in the dark
  • 360° visibility: Red blinking rear light and reflective headband

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Ledlenser NEO4 and NEO6R



LED configuration: 1x Power LED
Luminous flux: 240 lm
Beam range: 30 m
Burn time: 40 h
Luminous flux high: 240 lm
Beam range high: 30 m
Burn time high: 6 h
Luminous flux low: 20 lm
Beam range low: 10 m
Burn time low: 40 h
Batteries: 3x AAA, alkaline
Alternative batteries: 3x AAA, NiMH
Energy programs: 2: Energy Saving – Constant Current
Light programs: 3
Light functions: High Power – Low Power – Blink
Switch: Front
Waterproof: IP57 – resistant to dust and water
Diameter head: 70 mm
Weight (batteries incl.): 100 g


  • SMART LIGHT TECHNOLOGY: This innovation makes your Ledlenser a personal lighting tool: A micro-controller allows you to program your individual range of functions with different touch and switch combinations. So you always have the perfect light mode at hand.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Our lights stay cool, even when they work hard: Thanks to the smart and fully automated temperature control, a Ledlenser never gets too hot, no matter how much you use it. This protects you from burns and the LED from overheating.
  • WIDE BEAM: Our wide beam format takes into account that the human field of vision is around 180° degrees horizontally and only around 130° degrees vertically. The oval shape of the light and the Wide Beam technology makes things twice as safe: You don’t only see more, but are also seen from every angle.


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