Klarus RS10 Rechargeable Safety Torch


The Klarus RS10 is an extremely functional safety torch, ideal for use at home, or keeping in the car.

  • Spot and Flood lamps work independently or simultaneously
  • 800 Lumen Long Distance Spot Beam with 3 Output Levels
  • 8000mAh built-in Power Bank for Recharging Small Devices
  • Type-C Fast Charging for Recharging the Torch


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Flashlight Specifications:

  • Maximum brightness: 800 lumens
  • Maximum projection distance: 532m
Spot beam (main LED): 
High : 800 lumens – 7.4 hours – 11,390 candela – 532m
Medium: 400 lumens – 11 hours – 5790 candela – 386m
Low : 160lumen – 28 hours – 2330 candela – 248m
Flood beam (sub LED):
High : 500 lumens – 6.6 hours – 53.3 candela – 28m
Medium : 200 lumens – 16 hours – 24.6 candela – 19m
Red light : 25 lumens – 31 hours – 3.1 candela – 7m
Red light flashing
  • User friendly interface; easy operation with two switches on the handle.
  • Lock switch; to lock the light on preferred mode, or to lock out the light from turning on unknowingly.
  • Two LEDs serve for two lighting modes which work independently or simultaneously (main LED for long beam, auxiliary LED for flood and beacon).
  • Equipped with a pack of 4 18650 batteries with a capacity of up to 8000 mAh
  • The USB Type-C charging port supports fast and convenient charging for users, which can be fully charged in 4.5 hours. The charging port cover is made of thick and sturdy rubber.
  • In addition, the lamp functions as a power bank with a charging current of 5V/2A, supporting charging of small devices such as phones, mini speakers etc
  • The lamp housing is made of high-quality plastic and aluminium alloy, making the lamp sturdy and durable in all situations.
  • The lamp is designed with a wave-shaped handle, making it comfortable to hold for a long time
  • The light is Tri-pod compatible (tripod mount) to support hands-free use.
  • Dimensions: 180mm (height) × 200mm (body length) × 131mm (head diameter)
  • Waterproof: IPX6, works well in rainy and windy weather
  • Good impact resistance from a height of 1m
  • Weight:635g
  • Warranty: 1 year, against manufacturer defects

Flashlight kit includes: 

  • One KLARUS RS10 lamp
  • One 8000 mAh battery pack (built-in)
  • One USB Type-C charging cord
  • A user manual

Instructions for using the flashlight: 

  • Press switch K1 to activate the high beam mode of the lamp. Press and hold to move the light steps from low to high. After the light is on for 3 seconds, the light can be turned off by pressing switch K1.
  • Press switch K2 to activate wide projection mode. Press and hold to switch the light levels from Medium – High – Red – Flashing red . After the light is on for 3 seconds, the light can be turned off by pressing switch K2.
  • 2 switches can be used independently and can be operated simultaneously.
  • The light has a lock switch near the Type-C charging port. When the light is on at any step, slide the switch to the left, the light will be locked in that light. When the light is off, slide the switch to the left to LOCK the LAMP completely. Flip the switch to UNLOCK the light



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