Imalent MS08 – Extremely Bright Rechargeable Flashlight – 34,000 Lumens

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The Imalent MS08 is a rechargeable searching LED flashlight which is compact in size yet can blast out a maximum output of 34,000 Lumens which can reach a maximum beam distance of 738 metres. Imalent have called the MS08 the “brightest EDC flashlight”.

With a wide beam angle and strobe function available, this flashlight is perfectly ideal for Search and Rescue. This flashlight is powered by eight CREE XHP70 2nd LED’s to emit such strong power. Although this flashlight is small for its size, a fan powered heat shield and built-in heat release fans is what keeps it’s body temperature at about 40 degrees to ensure it does not over-heat. Once you have your hands on this flashlight with it’s extreme power of 34,000 lumens, you will never feel troubled on those night adventures again.

Product Size:

  • Head Diameter: 74mm
  • Body Diameter: 51 mm
  • Length: 125.5 mm

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Imalent MS08 | 34,000 Lumen MONSTER w/ Exo-Case


  • Fitted and utilises 8 pieces of CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs which holds a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and a maximum output of 34,000 lumens.
  • Is powered by three rechargeable 4000mAh 21700 Li-ion batteries.
  • The Instant Turbo output can be met by double pressing the side power button – triple pressing the side power switch gets the lowest possible output.
  • Weight: 651g (battery excluded)
  • Maintains a high efficient circuit which means this flashlight can constantly remain on 10,000 Lumens.
  • Includes a built-in thermal control module and is equipped with a fan powered heat shield which adjusts to the brightness output according to it’s working state and outer temperature.
  • Combination of toughened ultra-clear mineral and anti-reflective coating glass
  • Aluminum OP reflector included.
  • Constructed out of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body – which is extremely wear and tear resistant.
  • IPX-8 standard waterproof (Up to 2 metres submersible).
  • Up to 1 metre impact resistant.


Switch on/off

  • When it’s your first time using the flashlight, please quickly press four times on the side power switch to unlock the flashlight; then press softly on the power switch button one time to turn the light on and off.

Normal lighting mode

  • When the flashlight is on, you can press and hold the power switch down to cycle between 300 lumens, 700 lumens, 2000 lumens, 5000 lumens and 10000 lumen output. You can release the power switch button which will save the needed output level.

Turbo and Strobe

  • Double press the power switch button while it is in any mode and this will activate the turbo output. Output reaches up to 34,000 lumens. By double pressing the power switch button again, you will activate the strobe output. To turn off you slightly press the power switch button again.

Low powering warning

  • When the light is on, and the remaining battery voltage is less than 3.0V, the indicator light will flash at 2Hz to remind users to exchange or charge said battery. When the battery hits lower than 2.9V, the flashlight will not turn on, and the red indicator light will flash twice as a reminder.

Intelligent thermal control

  • While using the high output mode, the flashlight generates a lot of heat. When the flashlight body temperature reaches 50 degrees, the brightness will decrease down 10,000 lumens in order to ensure safe, comfortable use and prevent over heating issues. When the flashlight body reaches 65 degrees, the flashlight will not activate turbo so no further harm can be done.

Switch indicator lights

  • When the flashlight is off, press and hold the power switch for 3 seconds to turn on and off the switch indicator light.

Memory function

  • The MS08 flashlight will remember the brightness that it was previously set at, so when you turn the flashlight on again, it remembers how bright it was before being turned off. (Special modes without memory)

Lock an d unlock function

  • With the flashlight off, quickly press the power switch button four times to lock and unlock the flashlight. The indicator light will flash three times to indicate that the light is locked or unlocked. When it is locked, it will only show the indicator light when press the power switch button.



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3 reviews for Imalent MS08 – Extremely Bright Rechargeable Flashlight – 34,000 Lumens

  1. Michael Deering (verified owner)

    Fantastic Torch!

    Nice wide even flood beam that lights up everything! Even on the lowest setting it puts out a good amount of light.
    Double click the button to switch to turbo mode and turn night into day! Just don’t do it too close to an object or you will be walking around with a big splotch in the middle of your vision for the next few hours, <– This guy :D.
    I live in Perth so received my torch within a week was a pleasant surprise. Thanks Guys!

  2. Simon Sheahan (verified owner)

    Ripper torch!

    The size is small enough to be tucked in your map pocket of a vehicle and the light that the torch throws is FANTASIC!

    Clean light with a wide spread, lights up area likes it day.

    Very happy with purchase.

    Thank you to the team at LEDTORCHSHOP

  3. cuamp8 (verified owner)

    Great torch! Absolutely perfect to walk on the land at night. The flood beam is wide and bright enough to see your surroundings even at the lowest settings.
    Definitely happy with my purchase! Thumbs up for the delivery time as well, Victoria to rural NSW mid north coast in 3 days!! Thanks guys!

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