EagleTac D25C MK II Clicky CREE XM-L2 LED Pocket Torch (800 Lumens)


The upgraded 800 lumen D25C clicky MK II is one of the most compact CR123A pocket flashlights we have come across in the 800 lumen class. It comes supplied with a lanyard and rigid holster. Compact design, easy-to-use user interface, market leading output brightness, making the new D25C MK II  the most versatile flashlight for everyday carry. Takes 1 x CR123A disposable battery or RCR123A rechargeable battery (not supplied).

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Klarus K2 Smart Charger


  • Microcomputer control system allows each of the two battery slots to charge individually
  • Capable of charging 2 batteries simultaneously (Ni-MH / Ni-Cd / LiFePO4 / 3.7V Li-ion / 3.85V Li-ion)
  • Li-ion:26650 22650 18650 18490 17670 17500 16340 14500 10440 16340(RCR123A)
  • LEDs display to clearly show charging progress
  • Optional 0.5A or 1A output charging current
  • Charger cable DC 5V micro USB port connects directly to either a car charger plug, a computer
  • USB port or other USB charger plug for charging at home or while travelling
  • Use as a power bank capable of charging USB equipment, with an Li-ion battery as the power source
  • DV/dt Control technology to charge Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries more fully
  • Built-in reverse polarity and short-circuit protection
  • Features over-charge protection to prevent battery damage. Automatically stops charging when complete
  • Auto-activation function:
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Klarus Mi2 USB Keychain Light-0
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Eagletac D25C Best EDC Flashlight of 2016


The new upgraded 800 Lumen EagleTac D25C MK II Clicky is one of the smallest flashlight systems ever built. Compact design, easy-to-use user interface, market leading output brightness makes this one of the most versatile flashlights for everyday carrying. 


LED: CREE XM-L2 U4 (Cool White)

Max Output: 800 LED lumen

Excellent runtime and flat regulation

D25C runs for 150+ hours on its lowest brightness level.
The current regulated circuit design allows constant output throughout its runtime for all output levels without PWM-flicking.
At highest brightness level, D25C current regulates for 0.9 hours using a single CR123A battery.
The current regulation control method allows the just right of amount of current going through the LED. This results in constant brightness output regardless of battery type, LED variation, and temperature change.

LED lumen: XM-L2 U4: 519/339/38/1 

ANSI FL-12 lumen: XM-L2 U4: 363/240/28/0.5 

Turbo boost technology: 1) Turbo boost technology is activated every time you turn on at turbo output setting. It offers 20% more power to the LED for the first 200 seconds at turbo mode.

Cool White LED: This gives you the maximum brightness output in its class and maximum beam distance.

Clicky on/off switch & Twisty head:

Easy on/off operation: 

Press the switch button until it clicks to turn on the flashlight. To switch off the light, press the switch again until it clicks.

Output adjustable

Half press the switch button to switch to next output level. With the head loose, AUX hidden modes are available after you repeat two sets of regular low-med-high output. Loose the head for group one output, and tighten the head for group two output.

Programmable settings

1) Moonlight output (disable by default) – disable or enable the moonlight output. The entire output range of the group 1 output will be shifted to a brighter output set or a dimmer output set accordingly. Toggle this setting starting with head loosen, turn on the light, and then repeat tight and loose for three times.

2) Mode memory – remebers the last output of the group 1. To toggle this setting, with head tighten, turn on the light, and repeat loose and tight for three times.

Turbo boost technology

This is activated every time you turn on at turbo output setting. It offers 20% more power to the LED for the first 200 seconds at turbo mode. It’s normal for the light to get warm at such level. Do not leave the light running unattended.

What’s included:

  • 800 lumens EagleTac D25C MK II Clicky
  • Spare o-rings
  • Polished stainless steel pocket clip
  • User Manual
  • Rigid Nylon Holster w/ self-retention device and flip
  • Mil-Spec Paracord Lanyard w/ quick attachment clip




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