HID Searchlights

HID Torches are designed for a very specific purpose and that is distance. Some of the new generation of high powered LED Searchlights can achieve usable distances of 700 + Meters which is more than enough for 99% of people and have multiple outputs so in most cases these are what we recommend as Searchlights. For the 1% of people that need more distance of 1km than there is the Microfire Patrol and also the Microfire Lancer. These units can also be used in conjunction with night vision equipment if required by use of an IR filter that can be purchased separately. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email in regards to these HID Lights if you have such a distance specific need.

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  • MicroFire Lancer HID (3500 lumens) 1.2km distance-0
    MicroFire Lancer HID (3500 lumens) 1.2km distance-2413

    MicroFire Lancer HID (3500 lumens) 1.2km distance

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