Silky Gomboy 240 Folding Medium Tooth- Black

Silky Gomboy 240 Folding Medium Tooth- Black

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With refined Japanese cutting technology and fitting a myriad of applications, it’s not surprising that the GOMBOY 240mm, Medium Teeth folding saw is Silky’s #1 selling saw worldwide.

Ideal for Camping or carrying in a rucksack because of its versatile size it is perfect for setting up camp and collecting firewood. Comes with a plastic sheath to keep it safe.
This 240mm (MED Teeth) Gomboy has precision-ground, impulse-hardened teeth, matched with a premium Japanese handle, the GOMBOY Professional offers superior performance and ergonomics, unmatched by any other same size folding saws on the market.
Whether building, woodworking, camping, or regular old work-around-the yard, the GOMBOY Professional offers a saw just for you.
Note: 210 mm and 240 mm GOMBOY Professional folding saws each come with their own custom hard plastic storage case.