JETBeam HP35 Headlamp Red & White LED (200 Lumens, AAA)

JETBeam HP35 Headlamp Red & White LED (200 Lumens, AAA)

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The new JETBeam HP35 Headlamp is so lightweight, and comfortable you will forget it is even there! It offers CREE XP-G3 Red and White LEDs and throws 200 Lumens,  or up to 335 lumens on burst mode, and uses 3 x AAAs (not included).

  • light polycarbonate outer, and is both versatile for work and recreation  (is the same material used to make police riot shields)

  • red LEDs preserve your night vision,so easy to work without straining your eyes. Can also switch into a strobe mode, serving as a beacon in an emergency

  • the longer reaching white LED beam will illuminate distant corners of your path or workspace

  • activate the momentary burst mode to 335 lumens, splashing your surroundings with an extra-powerful beam

  • is adjustable in both angle and brightness, so you can dial in your settings for a variety of situations

  • bracket that attaches the light to the headband can be tilted up to 60°, enabling you to target the exact spot that needs illumination

  • white LED beam has three brightness settings- high,medium or low mode

  • watertight hull is rated IPX-6, meaning it won't be harmed by powerful jets of water, let alone rain

  • heat sink bleeds warmth straight out of the hull, ensuring your comfort and the longevity of the components